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Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists

3rd Edition now Available!
By Mitchell Scheiman, OD
Price $70.00 + Shipping
This book is a unique and comprehensive collaboration from occupational therapists and optometrists developed to increase the understanding of vision. The book addresses key issues related to vision and shows the various effects vision problems can have on the practice of occupational therapy. Learn to screen for common visual deficits and effectively manage patients with vision disorders. Vision problems specific to the pediatric and acquired brain injury populations are thoroughly covered.

Specific recommendations for direct intervention are provided for a variety of vision problems, as well as support and compensatory strategies for visual field deficits and visual neglect.
Other Topics Discussed will allow you to:
  • Other Topics Discussed will allow you to:
  • Understand the complexity of the visual system
  • Identify the three major components of the visual system
  • Describe how various vision deficits affect performance in play, learning, work and sports
  • Administer a vision screening battery to identify common vision disorders that can affect therapy
  • Understand the various treatment approaches available
Appendix Contains:
  • Sources for specific vision tests
  • Resources for vision therapy
  • Resources for vision screening equipment
About the Author:
Dr. Mitchell Scheiman is a nationally known optometric educator, lecturer, author and private practitioner. He is the author of “Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists” published by Slack Incorporated.

Dr. Scheiman has a long and close relationship with occupational therapists. He works closely with occupational and physical therapists in his practice co-managing patients and has lectured to therapists on numerous occasions.

He has specialized in vision therapy for the past 25 years. Dr. Scheiman is currently Director of Pediatric and Binocular Vision Programs at The Eye Institute and Professor of Optometry at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has written three books for optometrists covering the topics of binocular vision and vision therapy, pediatric optometry, and learning related vision problems and he has published over 55 articles in the professional literature.

Dr. Scheiman is a Diplomate in Binocular Vision and Perception
Other Contributors:
Sarah D. Appel, OD
Elise B. Ciner, OD
Beth I. Fishman, OTR
Paul Freeman, OD
Rosamond Gianutsos, PhD
Lynn Fishman Hellerstein, OD
Maxine Scheiman, OTR
Irwin Suchoff, OD
Valorie Todd, OTR
Kathleen Tsurumi, OTR
How to Purchase: The book can be purchased online, at all Vision Education Seminar presentations, and by mail.
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