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Screening for Visual Disability

Suggested  Audience: Any professional staff working with adults including occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, recreational therapists, social workers, nurses and physicians.
Course  Description: Visual disability, common in general adult rehabilitation and home care settings, is often hidden and can be confused with cognitive disability. This approximately two hour interactive course will teach physicians, therapists and other professional staff 1) to detect a possible vision disability using careful observation and available materials and 2) where to make appropriate referrals. This course is Section 1 of the full course, Introduction to Low Vision: First Response Interventions. After this course, you may take just Sections 2 and 3 to complete the series for an additional 6 hrs of CE credit. A shorter version of this course teaches just the screening and sighted-guide procedures. Agencies may access this shorter version for general staff education by special arrangement ( Beginner level course, 2hrs (0.2 CEU). AOTA Classification for Continuing Education Category 1: Domain of Occupational Therapy, Areas of Occupation, Client Factors Category 2: Occupational Therapy Process Summer Discount, $29.
Learning  Objectives: Identify 5 possible sensory visual impairments, pathogenesis and detect possible vision disability using careful observation and readily available materials. Detect an ocular emergency and describe an appropriate response. Describe to whom the person should be referred Describe a continuum of care for low vision rehabilitation. perform sighted-guide technique for aided mobility,
Instructors:Steve Whittaker, PhD, OTR/L, CLVT
Session 1
1.A model of service delivery
2. Where to refer
3. Detecting an ocular emergency
4. Detecting one of five vision disabilities
5. Pathogenisis of Vision Loss
6. "How to perform Sighted Guide" Video
To enable a professional staff member to detect a hidden visual disability and make the appropriate referral.
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