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Understanding and Managing Vision Deficits after Acquired Brain Injury

Suggested Audience
This seminar is designed for therapists and assistants (occupational, physical, speech) who work with the acquired brain injury population.
Course Description
This seminar is designed to help therapists develop a comprehensive understanding of vision deficits commonly associated with acquired brain injury. Included will be the most common vision disorders and basic pathologies of the visual system, as well as their functional implications. A vision screening program will be suggested and there will be a hands-on laboratory to work with the screening equipment. Treatment options will be discussed at length, including optical, non-optical and visual rehabilitation. Details will be provided about establishing a vision rehabilitation service for both inpatient and outpatient services.
Day One
  1. Understanding Common Vision Deficits Associated with ABI
  2. Understanding Common Visual Pathologies
  3. Vision Screening
Day Two
  1. Optometric Treatment
  2. Intervention Techniques for Therapists

Course Reviews

Dr. Scheiman's course is very informative. He is very passionate teaching vision therapy. He effectively ties in and advocates the importance of OT/PT getting involved being a primary source for vision therapy. A real "eye opener".

Matthew St. Laurent, Walter Reed Hospital

The workshop provided thorough and realistic information and tools for real-life, clinical practice. I feel I can implement the visual screen tomorrow as a result of the hands-on teaching approach.

Kristin Perilli, OTR

The presenter has a great balance between beings erious while delivering the important information and adding in humorous moments to keep the audience engaged.

Liron Silbert - Walter Reed Hospital

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