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An Introduction to Low Vision Rehabilitation: First Response Interventions for Older Adults
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Q:Are continuing education credits available for your courses?
A:Yes, we provide a certificate of completion at the end of each seminar with CEU units. Currently, attndees receive credit for 11.5 hours of continuing education or 1.15 CEUs.

Q:Are screening materials sold at your workshops?
A:No, we have a hands-on laboratory with the equipment, but the equipment is not available for sale at our seminars. We do provide an organized list of equipment and vendors to facilitate ordering the equipment after the seminar.

Q:Is Dr. Scheiman's book "Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists" available for sale at the seminars?
A:Yes, a limited supply of Dr. Scheiman's book will be available for purchase at the seminar. It can also be pre-ordered at the time of registration.

Q:Does the seminar entitled "Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits" cover both pediatric and adult patients?
A:Yes, the introductory course covers all populations including: pre-school children, school age children, adults with acquired brain injury and the elderly population with low vision.

Q:Can I attend only one day?
A:Yes, you can attend only one day of the course. Please be aware, however, that intervention is only discussed on day two of the seminar.

Q:I want to add a low vision service to my hospital OT department. Can you recommend some readings that will help me get started?
A:Introduction to Low Vision: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapists.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Books

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