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Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists
   Portland, OR
   October 23-24, 2021
Screening for Visual Disability
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Self Study to accompany Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapist 2nd Ed.
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Live Interactive Webinar for Certification in Low Vision Rehabilitation
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An Introduction to Low Vision Rehabilitation: First Response Interventions for Older Adults
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Understanding and Managing Vision Deficits in Children: ONLINE course
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Vision Education Course Reviews

Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists"This was one of the best workshops I’ve been to in any subject. I have a strong interest to return to my hospital and organize our team to incorporate vision screening and treatment into our program." - Traci West - Tacoma, WA

"I’ve been to 2-3 other vision workshops – this one was by far the best I’ve been to. Very informative, practical, comprehensive. The handout was excellent, I could listen and did not need to write everything." - Sharon Hatcher - Wenatchee, WA

"Dr. Scheiman’s presentation was excellent, the manual was the most well organized that I have encountered in coordination with the presentation. The information in this seminar was just what I have been searching for in a vision seminar." - Susan Nacci - Walled Lake, MI

"I was impressed with Dr. Scheiman’s understanding of OT and applications to our practice. This was one of the best conferences I have ever been to in regard to meeting objectives and balancing theory and practical application." - Stacey Kolenda - Rockford, MI

"This was a great workshop. I feel that you provided information I can begin using in the clinic immediately as well as information for future program development." - Cindi Burt - Royal Oak, MI

"The most practical, comprehensive and beneficial vision course I have participated in." - Jeff Young – Saginaw, MI

"This has been the most useful workshop I have attended in 9 years of practice.- " - Gwyn Ortiz, OTR, El Paso - TX

"Professionally and personally, this has been the most informative and applicable workshop I’ve taken in years. " - Sherri Toft, OTR - Sumner, WA

"I really enjoyed this course! I appreciated your cooperative and collaborative approach with OTs. Very practical and relevant information given. Thank you! " - Michelle Kinsella, OTR - Portland, OR

"The workshop was excellent! I have learned more practical information in 2 days than I learned in many other conferences I have been to in the past. " - Julie Constable, OTR – Moon Township, PA

"Very Informative for both pediatric and geriatric populations. Lots of good ideas and a vast amount of information. " - Nicole Johnson, OTR – Clearfield, PA

"The amount of information provided in the past two days has been phenomenal! I'll be rediscovering for weeks - thanks! " - Lisa Work, COTA – Brockway, PA

"The course content was full of practical and immediate use intervention strategies - this is what we (OTs) need! " - Val DeLeo, OTR – Stanley, NY

"I thought this was an excellent workshop that provided useful information on treatment of vision in any setting as it related to OT." - Stephanie Ramser, OTR - Ann Arbor, MI

"I enjoyed the exposure to other aspects of visual behavior besides just low vision. The course was well structured and provided useable information that I can immediately apply. It was nice that you gave financial and reimbursement information. The handout was a very valuable resource. Great Course! " - Brian Davies, OTR – Front Royal, VA

"Great workshop - very practical and useful information. You were very easy to listen to and the handbook and resources were very helpful. " - Lisa Nathanson, OTR – Erie, PA

"This presentation was very well organized. You thoroughly covered all topics effectively combining both evaluation and treatment of both children and adults. " - Carmela Battaglia, OTR – Pittsburgh, PA

"As a COTA, I was concerned that I would be "over my head". However, Dr. Scheiman made the information very understandable and present in a logical and easy to comprehend manner." - Heidi Sowers, COTA/L – Carlisle, PA

"This was a great course. Very informative. I feel as though I am ready to try these interventions on my patients." - Suzanne Morganti, OTR – Seneca, NY

"This course is a wonderful introduction into the world of vision rehabilitation and how optometrists and occupational therapists can colaborate and effectively treat so many people. I appreciated Dr. Scheiman's terrific understanding of OT, OT education, and OTs role in vision rehabilitation." - Angela Moyer, OTR/L - Jenkintown, PA

"Great workshop - very practical and useful information. You were very easy to listen to and the handbook and resources were very helpful." - Lisa Nathanson, OTR – Erie, PA

"This was a great conference. I appreciate the time spent on intervention techniques as well as the theories. The binder is a wonderful resource. Thank you!" - Rachel Roberts - Phoenix, AZ

"It is so refreshing to have our profession (OT) valued by a professional of your caliber. It would be so nice to have a course similar to yours offered in OT school instead of a few short lectures on this topic. I will be taking lots of valuable information from this course back to my rural practice where I work with all populations. Thank you for all of the resources, forms, and activities we can use immediately." - Heidi Bitney, OTR/L - O'Neill, NE

"Dr. Scheiman was organized and presented material extremely clearly with good examples and practical applications and solutions. Plus his "laughter breaks" were much appreciated. I could tell he knows his material "inside-out"." - Kerry Racht, OTR - Yuma, AZ

"I am grateful to learn more about how to treat visual problems - and I learned much more than I expected including how to look for and recognize visual problems and how they affect things. I wish I had known this several years ago. Dr. Scheiman has a great teaching style and I enjoyed the interspersed "other things" to help keep my concentration going." - Katharina Schwidtal/Hastings, NE

"Finally, a course that spends an entire day on treatment interventions. Very helpful and applicable to OTs." - Lori Erner/Cedar Rapids, IA

"This workshop was well-presented to all therapists of different settings and environments. " - Caryn Sears, OTR/L/Gig Harbor, WA

"Mitch is a very engaging speaker. because his wife is an OT, he is able to effectively relate the information to clinical application. He understands the role of OT in vision rehab programs. Dr. Scheiman spent more than half the seminar focusing on intervention - the reason we come to continuing education conferences. He gave me the resources to go back to my clinic and inexpensively implement low vision and vision deficits strategies. He even gave me information about the ICD-9 codes and treatment codes." - Moira McKell, OTR/L/Vancouver, WA

"This course was excellent. The material is all well organized and easy to reference. Information is pertinent and practical for OTs practicing in a variety of settings. I really appreciated the bits of humor throughout the lecture. Overall, I found this course to be helpful and I look forward to applying what I learned as well as a developing a working relationship with the optometrist in our facility to better treat our clients." - Kathleen Daly/Portland, OR

"I was never bored, Dr. Scheiman keeps it lively with great quips and interesting facts along with very understandable information on visual deficits. I truly appreciate the education. " - Lisa Bliss, COTA/L, RSM/Cheney, WA

"I was engaged to the point that I did not look at my watch during several sessions. I did not want to miss what was being said and the breaks, both seated and freedom to move around were well-timed." - Mark Greer/Federal Way, WA

" - Lots was learned and I appreciated your sense of humor. - Great value for the money. - Good structure of handouts. - Great presenter." - Silke Hamilton, Redondo Bach, CA

"Dr. Scheiman's presentation was very engaging and informative. Great audiovisual skills and use of technology. Great information that can be applied in the hospital setting." - Roger Kim, Long beach, CA

"This course answered many questions that I had regarding my pediatric caseload. It also provided me with good resources to continue to learn and improve my practice." - Randy Willis, Wichita, TX

"This class was one of the few classes that I did not have to fight with staying awake. I already had a pretty good base, but it helped to clarify and it was nice to see some of the techniques I am already ding. It also helped with what an OT can and cannot do." - Warrie Walser, Wichita, TX

"This was an excellent workshop - one of the best I have ever taken! It was well-organized, logical, comprehensive, and entertaining. I learned a great deal about the visual system, its impact on our clients' functional performance of daily living activities, ways to screen for visual problems, and a wealth of techniques for intervention. Very informative and practical - thank you!" - Catherine Bennett, MS, OTR - Ventura, CA

"I am a PT and gave >30 years experience working with a variety of diagnoses and age groups. I attended this seminar for increased awareness in the area of visual deficits. Eve tough the workshop is geared toward OT treatment, many of the techniques can be incorporated into the PT scope of rehabilitation." - Mary Smith, OT - Ventura, CA

"Overall, I have to agree with past and current OT colleagues that this is an incredibly engaging, yet informative and practical workshop. I just keep thinking "why didn't I learn this in school?" I acquired a serious tool in my professional toolbox. " - Patty Gonzalez - Redondo Beach, CA

"The materiel provided in this two=day workshop gave a great overview of the components of visual functioning, difference of remediation and compensation and normative data for screenings to help with generating referrals to get work-up/therapy/intervention. The lecture was informative and utilized intelligent humor, too! Mitchell was very generous with treatment ideas, compensation strategies, practical information. Fantastic workshop that empowered me immediately!" - Alison Courson, OTR/L - National City, CA

"Dr. Scheiman is a great teacher, able to deliver a comprehensive, precise lecture about the topic. It is clear, direct and practical. I like the breaks in between with humor. That really helps to refresh the mind. " - Lai Chiu - Oxnard, CA

"I really liked this presentation because the notes and presentation slides were very organized and Mitchell was brilliant to include "auditory" and "visual" beaks. I also liked the fact that he allowed question sin between so that they could be dealt with immediately. Very appropriate for OTs and this workshop definitely met all objectives. It was really great and fun!!" - Sarah Yeow, OTR - Singapore

"This workshop was well-organized and perfectly tailored tot he OT who needs t manage visual deficits across different contexts and populations. Thorough coverage of low tech to high tech vision therapy interventions. I have always Had a strong interest in vision and ow after this course I believe I have found my niche." - Michele Moccia, OTR - Staten island, NY

"The speaker, Dr. Scheiman, is the total package. He was very informative and knowledgeable, not to mention the humor that he puts in between the lecture that keeps me alert and attentive. Overall, the lecture inspired me to do more with my future clients." - Arnel Flores, OTR - Fords, NJ

"I enjoyed the workshop very much. Very informative, gained knowledge about a variety of visual deficits. I have a clear picture of the 3-component model of vision and how OTs can intervene. Thorough presentation with a great spiral bound book that I can always go back and consult. Last, but nt least, excellent sitting breaks. " - Ritu Mehta - Woodbridge, NJ

"Dr. Scheiman's enthusiasm for and expertise in vision therapy is engaging and valuable. This course certainly met all of my expectations. Also I really enjoyed that Dr. Scheiman presented the information as an optometrists with a good understanding of OT and OTs potential to VT because it is clearly demonstrated how to successfully interact within an interdisciplinary situation. " - Amanda Shafer, Erie, PA

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