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Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits In Children: A Guide for Occupational Therapists
   Atlanta, GA
   August 16-17, 2019
Understanding and Managing Visual Deficits In Children: A Guide for Occupational Therapists
   Reno, NV
   September 6-7, 2019
   Brooklyn, NY
   November 13-14, 2019
Screening for Visual Disability
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Self Study to accompany Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Practical Guide for Occupational Therapist 2nd Ed.
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An Introduction to Low Vision Rehabilitation: First Response Interventions for Older Adults
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Vision Education Course Reviews

Low Vision Rehabilitation: A Guide for Occupational Therapists"This is the first time I have attended a low vision seminar. I am leaving with great expectations. I look forward to starting a low vision practice. You were both excellent; and if one of your goals was for us to leave with a desire to become a low vision specialist, you have achieved your goal. Thank you for your help. It was a great seminar." - Cecilia Barragan - Bakersville, CA

"This workshop was very informative. The information given was not too technical and was easy to understand." - Mariaelena Gonzalez - West Covina, CA

"The course was very informative and met the needs of any OT wishing to start a low vision program in any facility. The goal writing examples were very helpful." - Dawn Metzger - Cumberland, MD

"Both Mitchell and Maxine Scheiman were very open in sharing their experiences and knowledge in the area of low vision rehabilitation. They both seemed well established and knowledgable about the topic. They were approachable and answered the participant's questions in a well-organized and understandable manner." - Karen Lien - Alhambra, CA

"As an experienced occupational therapist long in the field of practice, I found this workshop on low vision deficits to offer the most comprehensive information for both the novice and advanced clincian. Marketing strategies for starting a low vision practice was an exceptional addition. The presentors, Mitchell Scheiman, OD and Maxine Scheiman, OTR/L, were obviously skilled in their fields and delivered the course material with ease and sensitivity. They are truly concerned that more health professionals become better equipped in assisting this population towards improved functioning in daily living skills." - Eugenia Pang - Ojah, CA

"Very informative and easy to follow. I recommend anyone interested in low vision therapy attend this seminar!" - Carol Rajchel, RN - Las Vegas, NV

"I have been practicing in the low vision field for 1 year without the benefit of a mentor. I wish I could have had this information when I started. This is everything I have learned PLUS. This has really rounded out my education and filled in many gaps. I highly recommend this course. You got to the practical how-to's. You both answered the many questions that I had collected over the past year, plus questions I didn't know to ask. Thank you! " - Madeline Arel-Davis, OTR - Santa Maria, CA

"Dr. Scheiman is an excellent presenter; very knowledgable and makes difficult information easy to understand. The materials were very complete and highly organized. The extensive resource handouts are invaluable. It was also a pleasure to receive the OT information from the OT, Maxine Scheiman. Great team! Great Workshop!" - Dawn Naritoku - South Pasedena, CA

"Excellent resource and practice development, marketing, documentation information was extensive and helpful. This course filled in the gaps to spur me on in development of low vision services. These two are a great team, bringing necessary information from both an OT and an optometrist to the low vision practice field. " - Nancy Rowell, OTR - Middletown, ID

"Excellent job at addressing a wide spectrum of information at a level comprehensible to various experience levels. Informative and motivating - interjecting moments of fun kept the content interesting and lively." - Marcie Berube - Holiday, FL

"As with your other course, the material was well organized and so thorough. Your willingness to share material you've developed is greatly appreciated." - Sandra Winner - Santa Barbara, CA

"Excellent presentation! I was totally absorbed throughout - learned alot that I can use immediately - inspired me to learn still more." - Carolyn Sorrell, OTR - Bremerton, WA

"Having just started an outpatient low vision program in an acute care hospital, I found your course really helped to "fill in the blanks" of the information we still needed to make our practice successful. This course was extremely comprehensive and I thank you for it!" - Betsy Curtis, OTR - Great Barrington, MA

"I have been looking for a chnage in career direction for about a year now. I think I may have found it after this 2-day seminar. " - Jeff Beaton, OTR - Ocala, FL

"This workshop was very practical and focused on treatment. The billing aspect was very helpful and not complicated. The emphasis on private practice is very refreshing and underscores the importance of using the provider status we have." - Doreen Dugan - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The workshop was well-paced and extremely informative for practitioners at all levels entering the low vision field. The speakers were extremely knowledgeable imparting the right mix of academia and practical solutions that can be put to immediate use." - Joe Wells - Defiance, OH

"Thank you for sharing so much information regarding starting a low vision practice. I felt that this workshop was exactly what I have been looking for." - Julie Grenz - Tampa, FL

" - Excellent manual filled with everything discussed - nothing left out. - Excellent thoughtful material, all details well thought out and provided - Excellent list of resources in addition to pictures of devices - Clear and thorough handouts - Excellent case studies and training from studies" - Stephanie Daum - Boynton Beach, FL

"I feel very excited about trying to start a private practice in low vision. Thank you for an excellent course." - Alisa McCarthy - Indian Rocks Beach, FL

"One of the best workshops I have attended. It provided me with an understanding of low vision with practical information to take back to my practice." - Debbie Howe - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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